Gap Analysis of Bankruptcy Code of Ukraine

29 April 2020

The new Ukrainian Bankruptcy Code (so-called BCU), which came into force on Oct. 21st, 2019, has taken a further step towards reorganising the legal system. Within the framework of this reorganisation, the issue of debt collection is of considerable importance.

Justice Sector Reforms Newsletter (December-April)

29 April 2020

Dear friends, Here is the newsletter prepared by the EU-funded Project Pravo-Justice about our support to the justice sector reform.

How to build effective communication. Practical recommendations to speaker (UKR)

5 February 2020

Summary of the training by Andrii Kulykov. Why share information with media and build effective communication? An expert with some exclusive knowledge should share it. Moreover, if He or She has the authority to do so. Your knowledge, in other words, your expertise is a huge asset. Therefore, you, civil servants, are entrusted with a special social mission: to bring the truth only known to you to the public and society.

Administrative Justice Monitoring in Ukraine Report (draft)

3 February 2020

Administrative law covers a very wide range of issues of citizens, administrative authorities that are a relevant interface between private persons and the state, the determination of their rights is mainly in their hands. Even the more administrative judiciary is a pillar for a society governed by the rule of law.

EU support to Ukraine in rule of law

20 January 2020

Ukraine is a priority partner for the EuropeanUnion. The signature of the Association Agreement, including a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (AA/DCFTA) in 2014 opened a new chapter in EU-Ukraine relations. Implementation of the Agreement means closer political and security cooperation and Ukraine’s gradual economic integration in the EU Single Market. The Agreement also offers a roadmap for Ukraine’s reforms, including the introduction of European standards and best practices, bringing Ukrainian and EU citizens closer together and empowering Ukrainian companies to compete in European and global markets. To assist Ukraine in this endeavour, the EU and European Financial Institutions have mobilised over EUR 13 bln in loans and EUR 2 bln in grants since 2014 to stabilise Ukraine’s economy, to support comprehensive reforms and to help improve the lives of its citizens.