Gap Analysis Of Enforcement Legislation

18 December 2019

In 2017 first private enforcement officers (PEOs) started operating. To date some 200 PEOs (and about 300 assistant staff) are operational, having enforced almost 3 times more judgments per case closed, to compare with the State Enforcement Service (SES), whose number of officers represents some 4,500 persons.

Technical assessment of registers

18 December 2019

This study was carried out on the initiative of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and was implemented under the support of EU Project Pravo-Justice. The main aim of the study was to assess the status of the registries in National Agency of Information Systems (NAIS) under the Ministry of Justice - requirements for the creation, exchange, storage, correction and format of registers data, to identify key data in registers, user groups and data providers, and requirements for access to information in the registers.

Justice Sector Reforms Newsletter (August-November)

17 December 2019

Dear friends, Here is the newsletter prepared by the EU-funded Project Pravo-Justice about our support to the justice sector reform.

Unified Judiciary Information Telecommunication System Development Strategy

6 December 2019

This document contains initial recommendations on possible further activities for the development of the Unified Judiciary Information Telecommunication System (UJITS).

Legislative package on enforcement: Bringing the enforcement reform in Ukraine at its next level

7 November 2019

What? : Enabling Businesses and Economic Growth Who? : Independent and Professional Service Providers (PEOs) ++ Effective Oversight and Scrutiny How? : Improved Business Processes in Judgement Enforcement