Weekly Digest. Top News of EU Project Pravo-Justice (February 12 – 18, 2024)

19.02.2024 |

Meet the second issue of the Weekly Digest – top news of EU Project Pravo-Justice from February 12 to 18, 2024.

  • On February 12, experts of EU Project Pravo-Justice took part in the first constituent meeting of members of the working group on the development of Unified Indicators for Evaluating Integrity and Professional Ethics of a Judge (Judicial Candidate).

“Developing the Uniform Indicators for Evaluating Integrity and Professional Ethics of Judges and Judicial Candidates is a logical step in judicial recruitment and qualification evaluation of sitting judges. Given the previous stages of the judicial reform, Ukraine already has experience that should be summarized and used to establish a unified approach to evaluating integrity and professional ethics in the profession. This will contribute, on the one hand, to ensuring objective evaluation, and, on the other hand, to making the application of these concepts clearer for judges and judicial candidates," said Olha Sribniak, Key Expert on Judicial Reform of EU Project Pravo-Justice.

  • February 14, was the deadline for the submission of documents by the candidates to the positions in the Disciplinary Inspectors Service, which had been ongoing since January 10. Over that time period, the High Council of Justice received documents from 415 candidates to the positions in the DIS (a total of 539 applications) – 177 women and 238 men. Out of them: 389 candidates applied for the position of a DIS disciplinary inspector; 135 – for the DIS Deputy Head position; and 15 – for the DIS Head position.

It is worth mentioning that EU Project Pravo-Justice provides complex organizational, technical, and expert support for the activities of the Selection Commission during the entire process of selection for positions in the Disciplinary Inspectors Service.

  • On February 15-16 took place the selection of candidates for the positions of head and senior specialists of the Unit of Organization of Public Communication and Personal Reception of Citizens within the Department of Organization of Public Communication and Consideration of Appeals and Requests of the Office of the Proseccutor General. The Selection Commission is composed of representatives of the OGP, international and public organizations, including EU Project Pravo-Justice.

  • On February 16, EU Project Pravo-Justice supported the International Panel Conference “Mediation in Enforcement Proceedings: Modern Challenges and Prospects”. The participants to the event discussed, in particular, the prospects and possibilities offered by mediation if applied in enforcement proceedings in Ukraine, and also explored the experience of using mediation in enforcement proceedings in EU countries.