The Monograph “Mediation as a Value” was Presented

31.10.2023 |

On October 25, a presentation of the monograph “Mediation as a Value” by Ruslana Havryliuk and Peter Patsurkivskyi took place held in Chernivtsi at the Law Department of the Yurii Fedkovych National University of Chernivtsi.

Mediators, judges, lawyers, notaries, academia, representatives of state authorities, local self-government, and NGOs took part in the event organized with the support of the EU Project Pravo-Justice.

Speaking at the presentation of the monograph, Professor Ruslana Havryliuk emphasized that the methodological and worldview key to a true understanding of the nature of mediation is its perception as an innate human right. The latter is determined, she noted, both by the attribute-contradictory nature of man and by the material structure of the human world, which is similar in nature. This determines the place of mediation among innate (inalienable) human rights, which is why access to mediation must be guaranteed by the state to everyone.

She also noted that currently, both in the developed countries and in Ukraine, the most effective legal form of combining the efforts of the state and civil society in the field of mediation is the institutionalized public-private partnership. This approach is currently embodied in Ukraine in the Law of Ukraine “On Mediation”.

In turn, Iryna Butyrska, Coordinator of the Chernivtsi Regional Justice Reform Council, National Expert of the EU Project Pravo-Justice, said that the Project had been supporting the introduction of mediation in Ukraine for several years in a row. After all, according to her, it allows not only preserving good relations between the parties to a conflict, but also significantly reducing the burden on the judiciary.

“In order to promote mediation in Ukrainian society, it is important to convey to the professional community and citizens all the advantages that mediation can provide. Therefore, presentation of such a thorough work is another step on the way to spreading the values of mediation in our society”, emphasized Iryna Butyrska.

It should be noted that the monograph “Mediation as a Value” is one of the first specialized comprehensive studies of mediation as a value in Ukraine. In particular, scientific research suggests a comparison of mediation and state-rule administration of justice as competitive and complementary systems of conflict (dispute) settlement in society. The monograph is available at link.