EU Project "Pravo-Justice" is drafting a communication strategy for mediation in Ukraine

28.07.2023 |

As part of VII International forum “MEDIATION AND LAW”, a workshop “Effective Communication of Mediation” was held.

The event attendees got practical advice on how to talk about mediation to promote it, as well as some of the findings of a study conducted as part of drafting a communication strategy to promote mediation in Ukraine. Moreover, they analysed examples of communicating reforms and initiatives in Ukraine and drew parallels with communicating mediation by outlining the factors that determine the complexity of this task.

“There have been many attempts to communicate mediation in Ukraine, however, it is worth noting that there was no systematic communication, and all these efforts, unfortunately, were fragmented. That is why this February, EU Project “Pravo-Justice” set an ambitious goal and began drafting a mediation communication strategy, involving experienced experts into the process. The presentation of the Strategy is scheduled for September this year. We hope that this initiative will not only help to increase the level of understanding of mediation, but also contribute to further development of this service in Ukraine,” said Sofiya Vydra, Key National Expert of the Justice Sector Policy and Coordination Component.

She also outlined the factors that influence the complexity of communicating mediation. These include, in particular, the fact that there is no single platform, no public faces, no experience of sustainable and homogeneous communication. Moreover, the process is also affected by the complexity of the topic and a large number of stakeholders.

Ivetta Delikatna, a business and public communications expert, outlined the key findings of the study.

“It has become clear that, first of all, it is necessary to develop the level of understanding of mediation, to show and explain how it works and to create a wave of demand for the service in Ukraine, as well as interest in resorting to mediation. Besides, it is important to promote that the process is easy, because mediation, among other things, creates a culture of peaceful dispute resolution, simplifies the resolution of conflicts between the parties and helps people in difficult life circumstances,” Ivetta Delikatna summed up.

It should be noted that after presenting the Mediation Promotion Strategy, EU Project “Pravo-Justice” team, together with communication experts, will continue working on its implementation in Ukraine and will facilitate the involvement of all stakeholders in the process.

To remind you, VII International Forum “MEDIATION AND LAW” was organised by the Ukrainian Academy of Mediation within the framework of EU Project “CONSENT” with the support of EU Project “Pravo-Justice” and USAID Justice for All Activity.