Scientific and Practical Commentary to the Law “On Administrative Procedure” is Now Available Online

The scientific and practical commentary to the Law of Ukraine “On Administrative Procedure” (LAP) is intended to help civil servants and other specialists in the practical application of the Law both at the stage of getting prepared for its implementation and after it enters into force on December 15, 2023.

The Commentary explains the terminology which is new for Ukrainian legislation; specific norms and their connection with the principles of administrative procedure. Particular attention is paid to explaining the purpose of each norm; examples and models of their application are given with reference to existing practice in Ukraine and abroad.

The experts who directly participated in the development of the draft law “On Administrative Procedure” as part of the working group of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the working group of the Parliamentary Committee on the Organization of State Power, Local Self-Government, Regional Development and Urban Planning became part of the team of authors who prepared the Commentary.

The scientific and practical commentary will be useful to civil servants, officials of local self-government, judges of administrative courts, academia, trainers of administrative law, private practitioners, and all other citizens for the effective enjoyment of their rights.

We remind that the Law “On Administrative Procedure” will enter into force on December 15, 2023. By this time, the state authorities shall bring the legislation in line with the provisions of the LAP, while thousands of civil servants, local self-government officials, and judges of administrative courts shall undergo training and get prepared for the introduction of the new rules of interaction between the State and individuals/businesses.

The e-version of the Commentary is available at link.

Everyone can also take the online course “General Administrative Procedure” at platform Zrozumilo and read the short version of the Guide to the General Administrative Procedure.

The Law “On Administrative Procedure” is available at link.

The scientific and practical commentary has been prepared with the support of the European Union within the framework of the Project “Support to Comprehensive Public Administration Reform in Ukraine” (EU4PAR).