The EU Project Pravo-Justice and the Ministry of Justice presented an IT platform for the annual monitoring of legislation


On February 9, the EU Project Pravo-Justice and the Ministry of Justice presented the digital tool "Online Monitoring", a platform for collecting and analyzing information within the scope of the work on the monitoring of regulatory and legal acts carried out by the Ministry of Justice.

According to Yegor Razogreyev, head of the expert group on justice and criminal justice of the Directorate of Justice and Criminal Justice of the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry has been working on the platform together with the EU Project Pravo-Justice for the past year and a half.


"As a result, we developed a modern IT product that will help in the quick and effective processing of a large mass of information, obtaining representative data, and in the future - complete digitalization of the writing of regulatory and legal acts. Therefore, the platform will fundamentally change not only the work on the monitoring of legislation, but also significantly affect the process of its writing, increasing the quality and strengthening the involvement of all interested parties", - said Yehor Razogreev.

Since the work on monitoring requires the processing of more than 5,000 stakeholder questionnaires and more than 150 proposals, the launch of the "Online Monitoring" platform will provide an opportunity to significantly speed up and fully digitize the process of writing a monitoring report.


"Cooperating with the Ministry of Justice for another year on the analysis of the effectiveness of normative legal acts, we had the idea of creating an IT product that would ensure the quality, speed, transparency and inclusiveness of the legislation monitoring process. At the same time, it is important that the tool we created together will be available not only to the legal community, but also to citizens, involving them in the process of forming state policy. Our next joint task is to work on ensuring that the use of the IT platform by all stakeholders is as effective as possible," - said Oksana Tsymbrivska, head of the EU Project Pravo-Justice in Ukraine.

The functionality of the platform will provide citizens with direct access to the process of forming state legal policy, in particular, it will help to set up a direct dialogue between a state expert and a platform user.


This tool will help improve the process of interviewing key stakeholders during the preparation of legislation monitoring. Since the questionnaires of the platform have flexible settings, state experts will be able to quickly and efficiently get answers to the questions.

In addition, functionality is available on the platform, which creates an opportunity for citizens to participate in the process of writing normative legal acts and to provide their vision of the issues of legislation for further processing within the framework of legislation monitoring.